In the Xicheng district of Beijing, China, stupidity reigns supreme.

A man named Zhao was recently arrested for stealing a mobile phone from a restaurant worker and colleague named Fan. He returned it after the owner had reported it missing.

Police found the culprit responsible because he had returned the phone after taking pictures of himself with the stolen mobile device.

In addition to the phone, which was in a locker room reserved for restaurant employees, some 2,000 RMB (US$317) was stolen.

The cash was never returned.

Zhao confessed to the crime soon after the police tracked him down.

It seems Zhao was without funds when Fan received his salary and somehow this translated into him needing the money more than Fan, who had earned it.

When evil-eyed Zhao noticed that Fan did not deposit the money, he waited until he wasn’t looking and stole both the phone and the cash.

Zhao told police that he returned the mobile phone when he heard its loss had been reported.

He tearfully explained to the police that he spent the cash, which was his to spend because…well…because he had it!

Zhao’s status as a stupid criminal is matched by only the California thief in the video below, who stole a cell phone and left his business card behind!

Go figure.




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