Even in this age of the Internet and digital conveniences, zoos can still be quite entertaining.

There’s an interesting viral video of a bear bouncing up and down in front of children, who nod their heads in unison. The original video was shot at Japan’s Oji Zoo back in October 2011.

Some people have posted edited ones with the track “In Da Club” by rapper 50 Cent, which fits quite well with the bear’s rhythm. As entertaining as bears are though, some have pointed out that this unusual behavior is an effect of the strain upon the animal in captivity.

There are many other interesting videos shot in Oji Zoo posted all over YouTube that feature different kinds of animals. With today’s environmentally conscious society, zoos get both good and bad raps. But if you do enjoy watching wild animals, videos like these are the next best thing to visiting the zoo yourself.

Despite what some would say about zoos, it’s videos like this that show these establishments as crucial to educating our youth about wildlife. They house wild animals within their walls, simulating habitable conditions as optimally as possible, all the while bringing smiles to children who get to see their first monkeys, elephants, lions or giraffes.

Sonny Go
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