Mother Nature is always playing her tricks–some of them quite cruel–on the creatures borne under her eternal reign.

We have seen two-headed calves, cows, cats and rabbits, and even people with double faces and various appendages.

Although considered rare, it is even more unusual to see additional appendages on amphibians, particularly frogs.

After a chef in China spotted the extra leg on the bullfrog pictured above, he spared the creature from becoming a culinary specialty appetizer.

Eating frogs is an everyday occurrence in China. Frog leg soup is considered to be a food of power that helps to strengthen one’s bones.

Oddly, the extra leg on the frog, which was oily and black and stuck out at an angle from the rest of its body, wasn’t originally noticed as it became part of a wholesale batch of frogs crammed together at a local food market.

Today this lucky bullfrog resides in a zoo in Zhuzhou, China.

Five-legged frogs are very rare, but have been discovered before, both in England and America, as the video below indicates.

Why the frog developed the additional limb remains a mystery. It could be a simple mutation, although some experts believe that the cause could be a parasite or the result of pollution.

While no one can say for sure, whoever did say that the foot of the rabbit was lucky missed the point entirely.

Go figure.




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