Nothing gets the kids excited more than the prospect of running over their hands with a motorcycle.

Such is the bizarre case of a school in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, wherein back in 2009 students allegedly pressured school officials to let a martial artist run over their outstretched hands with a motorcycle.

The relative of a government minister eventually got wind and, after complaining, got the event shut down.

The event, which took place on July 15, 2009, led to a ban of these types of “risky stunts and packages” across all 50,000 of the state’s schools.

Apparently, a lot of the parents consented to the event, stating that their children were trained in the martial arts.

Martial arts has become increasingly popular in India, though I don’t think it was designed for motorcycle to meet bone.

In addition to riding over outstretched hands, the man riding the motorcycle also rode over a plank that was laid on top of a girl who was lying on the ground. Given the speed at which the bike travels, this one seems a lot safer than the same bike running over bare hands.