Time travel: Not even once. Two Chinese schoolgirls learned this the hard way when they committed suicide in an attempt to travel back in time. But wait: It gets weirder.

The reason behind their decision to end their lives is certainly an odd one. One of the girls, Xiao Hua, allegedly lost the remote control to a door. Instead of coming clean, they decided to kill themselves to travel back in time. How does that make sense?

Apparently, a popular television show was a big enough influence on the girls, prompting several to question the actual motives of the girls and the news reports detailing their suicide.

Some think that it’s an issue with the media’s influence on children, and has resulted in restrictions on certain shows being aired between the times of 7 and 9 PM.

A writer by the name of Anne North from the popular website “Jezebel” believes that the article concerning their deaths was written in response to the country’s concern of shows about time travel.

The article was reported by China Daily, which referenced the People’s Daily, the “official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.” Some speculate that the government pressured the two newspapers to focus on time travel as the culprit, since it’s apparently evil. I guess the Chinese government isn’t too fond of people desiring to travel back to a time when China wasn’t so much like…well, China.

The suicide note allegedly received by Shagnhaiist.com read: “In my life, I have two secret wishes. One is to time-travel back to the Qing Dynasty and shoot a film with the emperor, and the other is to travel to outer space.”