Zombies are real, and they apparently live in China.

A 95-year-old Chinese grandmother by the name of Xiufeng Li was mistaken for dead after being found unresponsive and not breathing by her neighbor, Qingwang Chen. She was found shortly after suffering an unfortunate head injury in her home.

Mr. Chen had stopped by to wake her up after she failed to get up in the morning for breakfast. He tried and tried to rouse her, but she failed to respond. Despite her body not being cold, the elderly woman was declared dead.

Chen, being the nice, generous individual that he is, arranged for the woman’s funeral with his son, which involved the interesting tradition of keeping the body in a coffin in the house so as to allow friends and family the opportunity to say goodbye.

The burial was planned for February 24, five days after she was placed in the coffin, but in a random stroke of luck, the coffin wasn’t nailed shut. So imagine the surprise Mr. Chen got when he returned to find the coffin conspicuously lacking a corpse.

The neighbors were called, and after a search, they found her sitting on a stool, cooking. Her response? “I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry and wanted to cook something to eat.”

The local hospital said she suffered an artificial death, which is apparently a real thing.

The tradition of keeping the coffin in the house likely saved her life, otherwise she would have been buried alive.

Unfortunately, tradition also states that a dead person’s belongings must be burned immediately after death, leaving the 95-year-old woman with absolutely nothing. So that sucks.