Toilet manufacturer Jianguo Gao, hailing from Shijiazhuang, northern China, may well be on the border between genius and madness.

There’s no denying, however, that he has invented a new way to recycle, pushing the envelope and the definition of the word far beyond conventional borders.

Gao has discovered a way to transform standard-sized unused toilets into fully functional portable lap desks.

He created a special platform that replaces the cistern lid, which will salvage many toilets officially declared as sub-standard by converting them into desks and donating them to local schools.

Gau stands by his unique idea, believing it will prevent hundreds of perfectly good, unused toilets from being discarded every year.

“We have lots of toilets that we would otherwise throw away … It is wasteful, and if we can find a use for them, we should. They are brand new and have never been used so there is no hygiene issue,” said Gao in response to critics.

School children can sit backwards on top of the toilet seat and work from a fixed position.

Gao has generously donated hundreds of toilet desks to local schools.

Madness aside, has Gao flushed out a winner?

So it would seem for all concerned.




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