In an effort to insure that the wives and children of civil servants will have enough money for essentials, and to cut down on complaints from wives claiming that their husbands unfairly withheld money for household goods and food, the provincial government of northern Indonesia’s Gorontalo has developed a most radical strategy.

The salaries of civil servants will be deposited directly into their wives’ accounts.

The move is bold and the work of newly elected governor Rusli Habibie.

“The policy will be implemented next week, and take effect in March 2012. Hopefully it will reduce complaints, and once again, this is for the sake of the financial matter within families,” said Rudi Irawan, a spokesman for the administration.

The policy has been tried before, although it is new to this particular region. When Rudi was serving as a district head of North Gorontalo three years ago, he established a similar policy after he received many complaints from the wives of male civil servants who were not getting any money from their husbands to buy necessary staples.

Government data indicates that 60 percent of Gorontalo’s civil servants are male, and 35 percent of that group is married.

It is believed that many wives were blocked from access to their husbands’ accounts because their spouses were trying to conceal affairs.

It is hoped that this practice will give married couples an equal stake in directing their finances sensibly.

The government is encouraging the wives of civil servants to sign up for bank accounts so that the funds can be deposited smoothly on the first day of each month.

What price infidelity?

Go figure.




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