You can find anything on eBay — old books, music, cars, and….dates?

Well, not in America — at least not yet. But on Taobao, the Chinese version of eBay, women can rent fiancés.

Not a date, not a sex buddy, but an honest-to-goodness fiance.

Why? The answer lies in the lunar new year. According to tradition, the lunar new year is a time when every parent of a single woman hopes for the child to bring home a fiancé.

At just 100 RMB per day, a young woman can rent a fiance to bring home to chat up the parents.

For a little extra scratch, you can hug and hold hands, and for even a little more, you can “share a bed chamber.”

The service is expected to be incredibly popular, given the importance placed on this sort of thing in Chinese culture and the proximity to the lunar new year.

We have a thing like this in America, but it’s called an “escort service.”