In a bizarre act of love that pulls at heartstrings and simultaneously sends chills up and down spines, Chadil Deffy married 29-year-old Sarinya Kamsook, the deceased love of his life, in a combination funeral-wedding ceremony.

The event took too place on January 4th in Surin, a city in northern Thailand.

They had been together for 10 years and had postponed the wedding several times due to the fact that Defy wanted to complete his education before getting married.

But Kamsook died from injuries sustained in a car accident, and the couple’s dreams were blown sky high.

Perhaps worst of all, even though the car crash left her severely injured, Sarinya still could have been saved if she had received immediate medical attention.

She was forced to wait six hours in the overcrowded ICU. It was in that critical time period that she passed away.

Heartbroken Defy could not let her go to her final rest without fulfilling her deepest desire, and in a Buddhist ceremony at the funeral parlor, he slipped a wedding ring on her finger.

All of Thailand watched on national television as Defy expressed his deep love and devotion for Sarinya’s corpse.

Who says true love never dies?




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