Several kindergartens in China are charging parents 1,200 RMB, or US$190, to read their kids’ palms in an effort to determine their intelligence level and potential for success.

The company performing the tests, Shanxi Daomeng Communication Co., has been seeing a number of parents utilizing their services in the northern province of Shanxi.

Given the Chinese policy of “one child per household,” it’s no wonder a parent will do everything possible to ensure their lone child’s success.

In the vein of parents trying to time their births with specific times in the Chinese zodiac, this practice has a long tradition in China, as does fortune-telling as a whole.

All of this, however, comes in spite of the potential for punishment by Chinese officials for those who practice what is deemed by some as “superstition.”

The test is designed for children as young as three, though it will likely be years after that before they realize it’s all a load of superstitious mumbo jumbo.