Did you know you can have “makeup” permanently tattooed onto your skin to avoid the annoying habit of taking it off every night before you go to bed?

No one told 20-year-old Dal-mi Bae, who has received irreparable skin damage after wearing makeup every day for two years…without taking it off.

Discovering a love for makeup at the age of 14, Dal-mi Bae of South Korea religiously applied makeup to her face without ever taking it off.

“I wanted to look perfect at all time. I even slept with the makeup on.”

Adding insult to injury, she also wanted to get plastic surgery in a number of places.

Encouraged by her mother and thanks to a variety show, Bae was finally convinced by dermatologists to remove the makeup.

Once she had undergone a checkup, it was revealed that her skin looks twice as old as she really is.