A monkey riding a goat and stealing vegetables from a farmer in China is the funniest story you’ll hear all day.

Shu Ye, a farmer who resides in Donguan, Guangdong Province, said that the monkey and goat, owned by a nearby circus, sneak into the farmer’s field and eat the crops.

The monkey apparently stands on the back of the goat to make sure there is no one around.

Once the coast is clear, it rides in on the back of the goat and starts pilfering the produce.

The man claims that the daring heists coincide with the arrival of the circus.

Thankfully, Wu Jun, a spokesman for the troupe, has been incredibly apologetic, stating that they have provided Ye with compensation for the stolen crops.

The animals aren’t guarded at night, so to combat this issue, Wu has hired additional animal keepers to watch over the larcenous goat and monkey.

A happy end to a weird story.