Out of India comes the sordid and sad story of a young girl kidnapped and killed by two poor farmers. Why did this atrocity happen? As a sacrifice for better crops.

According to authorities, 7-year-old Lalita Tati was kidnapped by two farmers while walking home from a friend’s house.

Senior police officer Rajendra Narayan Das, who works in the Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh state, stated that the men confessed to cutting her open and using her liver as a sacrifice for a better harvest.

Her remains were found a week later, and the two men could face the death penalty or life in prison if convicted.

Human sacrifice is rare in Indian, but the two men, who described themselves as “tribals,” are associated with the indigenous people of the area. They are incredibly poor and live in squalor, and thus they might have felt that sacrifice was their only option.

Or they’re just crazy. Either one.