Remember Octomom, and how she was publicly derided for giving birth to eight kids with the aid of fertility drugs? Apparently, a young woman in China has done the same thing, albeit with a twist, and it’s raising quite a few eyebrows with the authorities.

Employing fertility drugs and two surrogate mothers, a couple has become the proud parents of eight beautiful newborns.

Sadly, in a country wherein one child is the norm–and the law–many are utterly shocked that the couple spent approximately $160,000, or a million RMB, to give life to the children.

Unfortunately, using surrogates is illegal in China, which has prompted an investigation into the case.

Bai Yansong, an anchor for Chinese Central Television, stated, “Heavens! To have one family with eight kids…in an era of family planning [in which] most people have just one, the contrast is just too much.”

Much of the outrage is directed at the rift between the wealthy, who can afford such a procedure and seemingly do as they please, and the middle and lower classes.

However, the case has also brought attention to the country’s strict laws concerning family planning and birth.

Despite the legal conundrum, you can rest assured that the eleven nannies they hired are having a blast.

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