A land of many interests and odd predilections, Japan’s themed cafés are well known all around the world.

Usual themes include gundams, manga, anime, cats, and subservient maids that wait upon the whims and caprices of enchanted customers who come back again and again to repeat the “café fantasy experience.”

But now manga, anime, gundams and even the popular cat cafés are making way for the newest concept in themed dining: enter the Mother Café in Osaka, which offers a new and different “down home” dining experience.

Moms at the new Mother Café in Osaka serve the food and advice with all the smothering love and care of Marie Barone from the Everyone Loves Raymond television series.

Food servers are attentive and friendly and do much more than serve food that fills the stomach. They listen to customers’ troubles, even though those telling their tales of woe are well aware that some of the “moms” are not much more than 19 years old. Other “moms” range in age up to the 40s.

The owner of the Mother Café assures customers that his servers are mature and quite capable of understanding adult worries and concerns.

Could there be other variations of this theme that crop up in the near future?

They might even go as far as including spanking and punishment for “children who misbehave” and don’t finish their meals.

Does this mean whips and other accoutrements may soon become standard equipment for servers?

One can only wonder exactly how far this fantasy could go.

Waitresses babying customers is sure to appeal to many a hidden Oedipus yearning to burst free.

Still, we all must remember the importance of eating our vegetables, n’est ce pas?

Check out this video depicting what goes on at one of these maid cafes.




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