The only thing worse than having a stillborn baby is realizing after the doctors dispose of it that it was alive the entire time.

Such is the sad case of a woman in Foshan, China who was rushed to the Nanhai Red Cross Hospital with stomach cramps and internal bleeding. Although only eight months pregnant, Liu Dongmei gave birth to the baby, but the doctors pronounced it dead.

The baby was born with purple skin and wasn’t crying or breathing, prompting the medical team to get rid of it in a manner that didn’t follow standard guidelines. However, shortly after the birth, the young mother’s sister-in-law asked to see the baby, only to discover that it was still breathing.

To add insult to injury, the baby is a boy, not a girl, a lie told to the mother to apparently lessen the impact of its death.

In China, boys are considered prized. Consequently, due to China’s one-child policy, baby boys are most often more desired than girls.

Thankfully, the baby is now in stable condition, but the hospital has yet to answer for this mistake.