A Gorontalo, Indonesia-based police officer‘s video of him lip synching a popular song to help out a downtrodden colleague has led to his firing, and he simply doesn’t care.

In fact, he’s relieved.

Norman Kamaru, a 26-year-old cop in Jakarta, achieved modest Internet fame when a video he made of him lip-synching the Bollywood song “Chaiyya Chaiyya” went viral.

At first his superiors were upset, but public support caused them to change their tune. They felt that their police force, long considered to be one of the most corrupt in the country, could use a bit of positive publicity.

Eventually, he was flown out to the capital and, in full uniform, appeared on talk shows. Despite not actually singing in the video that made him popular, Norman revealed that he does indeed have a pretty good singing voice.

This lead to a $100,000 record deal and a request to his superiors for getting out of his contract. They denied it, prompting him to simply stop coming to work. As a result, he was fired.

Comments on social networking sites are divided, with some users wishing him well and others saying the fame went to this head. One spokeswoman for the police department stated that it was “his uniform that made him famous.”

Kamaru, however, doesn’t care about the naysayers, and told reporters that, in addition to finally being able to express himself and wear comfortable clothing, he simply wanted to sing. If he fails, he fails, and so be it.

Here’s the video in question, showing off Kamaru’s lip-syncing talent: