Never underestimate the little ones. That was one man’s unofficial credo (well, presumably) when he taught a little deformed piglet, born with only its front legs, to walk.

Ge Xinping, from Mengcheng in eastern China’s Anhui Province, welcomed the little two-legged piglet into the world in July, but believed it would not survive long.

Thankfully, the little swine proved him wrong and, after a bit of hard work and dedication, is now up and walking around on its front legs.

The pig has since become a local celebrity, with villagers marveling at its ability to “walk like an upside down gymnast.”

While this little pig is a lucky one, pig farmers in the country haven’t been so fortunate. One man has already been sentenced to death, and more than one hundred more could be, for distributing meat tainted with Clenbuterol, a drug that makes pork leaner but can be harmful to humans.