In Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China, there exists a tourist attraction that is guaranteed to scare the Hell out of you.

Located on the massive vertical cliffs of Tianmen Mountain in Hunan Province, China, and rising 1,430 from the ground is a 60-meter-long bridge constructed of 2.5-inch thick glass. At only three feet wide, this walkway encircles the mountain, offering thrill seekers a chance to soil themselves.

Those that are brave enough to walk the path are required to wear cloth covers over their shoes, in order to make the glass easier to clean. To me it sounds as if it would make it even more terrifying due to the lack of traction.

Beautiful views of the mountain are made slightly safer by the glass guard rail, but that does little to temper the utter fear one must experience when traversing what I have affectionately dubbed “The Glass Terror.”