Although Japan is constantly topping itself with its fascination for and dynamic development of robots to perform just about every task in life, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, Honda’s ASIMO, would appear to be, at least for now, the top of the heap, so to speak.

Unveiled earlier this year at the “Honda Power of Dreams Experience” at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Asimo’s creators have gone to great lengths to upgrade their bipedal darling.

Asimo is fortified with some amazing advancements, including more sophisticated artificial intelligence, enabling it to respond to movement and surrounding situations, and an enhanced ability to perform autonomously.

Some observers of the new-and-improved Asimo have claimed that they have developed an almost emotional connection to the humanoid bot that is now more agile than ever before.

The bubble-headed, childlike machine is equipped with highly developed stability control technology, which allows it to run faster, balance itself on uneven surfaces, hop on one foot and almost “think” on its own.

The motivation behind these improvements was the development of a robotic arm, which could help plant workers combat the nuclear crisis in Japan that occurred after the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that claimed thousands of lives last March.

Asimo can also perform very delicate tasks, such as pouring a cup of coffee with its multi-fingered hand, and has the ability to recognize a face or a voice even when more than one person is speaking at the same time.

The robot can actually estimate which direction a person will take within the span of a few seconds and make the decision to choose an alternate path in order to avoid collision.

Asimo is and can be only a boon to all mankind.

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