Making lemons from lemonade and the best of any situation is one thing, but a fingertip attached to a stomach is a horse of another color, as another old saying goes.

After accidentally sawing off the tip of his finger with an electrical saw, Yongjun Wang, a 20-year-old furniture worker in China’s Liaoning Province, was rushed to the hospital.

Wang was lucky enough to encounter Dr. Xuesong Huang, a very enterprising physician, who was concerned by the gravity of Wang’s amputation.

All of the muscle and skin from the end of his finger had been sheared away and only the bone remained.

“We had to make a quick decision or he could have lost his finger. We decided to cultivate a new fingertip on his stomach,” the doctor told the press.

In order for the body to repair itself and new skin and muscle to grow around the injured finger, blood circulation had to be restored to the damaged digit.

Totally disgusting to behold, nevertheless, the surgery was a complete success. Wang will have a brand new fingertip on his hand that will then be separated from his stomach within a month.

It would appear that the fickle finger of fate shall live to point again!




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