Chinese muggers are ruthless. Instead of simply beating you up and taking your watch, they cut your hand off. At least that’s what happened to a man in Putian, in southeastern Fujian province.

Chi-yang Hu, 60, from Taiwan, was visiting his fiancee when he was mugged by three men who cut off his hand to steal his Rolex and gold ring, as well as about $600 in cash.

After the unfortunate situation occurred, Mr. Hu was rushed to the hospital later than he should have been, as the police needed to file a report.

In the end, it didn’t really matter, as the hand was apparently so badly damaged that it would have been useless if it were reattached.

Not one to let go of his own hand (pun intended), Mr. Hu requested it back.

The kicker? Police refused, citing it as evidence.

The man has stated that as a result of the incident, he will never return to mainland China.

He and his family are also pretty ticked off at the Straits Exchange Foundation, which is the “semi-official Taiwanese agency” that is responsible for assisting Taiwanese visitors to China. Since the incident, they have apparently done nothing to help nor offer any sort of protection.

They have since issued an apology, while it is presumed the police are giving them a round of applause for their free hand.