In keeping with that old adage about teaching a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime, this novelty series of restaurants in Japan allows its customers to do exactly that.

Upon entry, customers are given fishing poles and some bait before being ushered onto large boats that are inside aquariums and loaded with fish.

After one’s meal is caught, a server approaches and inquires about preferred preparation.

There are a number of preparation methods to choose from, including sashimi (raw and sliced), grilled, simmered or fried, but most prefer sashimi due to the freshness of the catch.

Even though we live in a cosmos where food contamination is a daily fear, at Zauo there is no question about freshness as the fish is freshly caught by you, the consumer.

Each time a customer catches a fish, he or she gets a discount, and even though the atmosphere is not at all like being out on a lake in a canoe, the fish bite easily and the water is perfectly clear.

Customers also are aided in the fishing fantasy by the fact that they do not dine at tables, but rather on the giant boats.

The word Zauo translates to “sit and fish.”

For the fish, however, it is a real-life horror story.



Go figure.



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