Not attached to your fertility? Indian health officials are offering cars, motorcycles, and televisions in exchange for sterilization.

The chief medical office of Rajasthan’s Jhunjunu Sitaram Sharma hopes that about 30,000 individuals will volunteer in what is an attempt to control the surging Indian population.

A local charitable trust apparently donated a Nano, the world’s cheapest car, five motorcycles, and a bunch of televisions and blenders (for whatever reason), while other participants can receive cash incentives. This follows on the heels of a similar program wherein approximately 150 men received vasectomies in exchange for gun licenses in a region that has been described as “bandit-invested.” That’ll end well.

India’s population has been growing out of control, and is currently on track to surpass China’s population within the next 20 years. Currently, India’s population is at around 1.21 billion.

Not a bad deal if you’re 100% certain you never want children. But is a television, or even a new car, worth the ol’ snip snip?