Recently it was announced that a scientist had created a way to turn human feces into edible “meat.” Always on the cusp of great the next big thing, Japanese toilet maker “TOTO” has created the Toilet Bike Neo, a bike that runs on human waste.

Yes, human waste. It’s basically a moving bathroom, though there is no word on whether or not you have to defecate while you pedal the bike. Whatever method it requires, the fecal matter is converted into biogas, which powers the bike.

Human waste is apparently very powerful, as it provides enough energy to have some people call it “the new coal.” Unless your diet is lacking in fiber, it’s relatively easy to harvest and a heck of a lot safer to obtain.

The bike does more than run on poop, though. It can apparently write things in the air using “residual light imagery,” as well as play music to people watching you in wonderment as you zoom by, and yes, even talk.

A Toilet Bike Neo kicked off a 600 mile cross-country tour in Japan on October 6, and upon reaching Nakatsu it will stop to pay homage to an ass-shaped boulder. How perfect. The tour is part of the TOTO Green Challenge, the goal of which is to reduce CO2 emissions in bathrooms by 2017.

Apparently this is a problem.

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