A recent trend in body modification is implanting objects, such as magnets, in the skin. Why is beyond me, but apparently something small and barely noticeable isn’t good enough for some Japanese individuals. Introducing “bagel heads.”

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, though there are a few differences between the process and standard body modifications. Instead of an actual object being placed in the skin, a saline solution drip is used to cause inflammation and swelling in various parts of the body.

For many, the result is a large, bagel-shaped “implant” on the forehead. Tankfully, it’s a temporary modification, lasting only around 24 hours or so before wearing off.

Of course, there are side effects, such as pain (obviously), stretched-out skin, pressure, and headache. Other individuals are placing the saline in the arms, leading to bizarre, disfigured “muscles.”

Fashion among Japanese teens is weird enough as it is, but this definitely takes the cake. Or bagel.