The plastic surgery-obsessed aren’t just in America. Philippines resident Herbert Chavez has undergone a drastic change to look like…Superman?

Mr. Chavez, 35, lives in Calamba City, has undergone the following procedures to transform into the Man of Steel:

– Chin augmentation to achieve Superman’s strong cleft
– A nose job (rhinoplasty) to make his schnozz look more like Christopher Reeves’
– Silicone injections into his lips to make them bigger (which always looks weird)
– Implants into his thighs to make them bigger, because apparently lifting weights won’t do

These procedures, and probably many more in the future, have been going on since 1995, and there’s really no telling when might stop. His home is filled with memorabilia such as posters, movies, and action figures, so if his appearance wasn’t enough of a tipoff that he’s obsessed with Superman, then his crazy appearance definitely will.

It’s only a matter of time before he tries to fly. Only then will he realize just how foolish he’s been. He should just try and be Batman. At least that way he can wear a mask.