A shopping mall stunned passers-by in downtown Lanzhou, western China’s Gansu Province, were shocked by a recent window display which appears to feature three young women taking a shower.

Many were drawn to the presentation and had to look very closely before realizing that that the women showering were in fact, mannequins.

The exhibit, although a masterful piece of advertising for the Xi Dan Mall, was not what it seemed. It drew attention to the fake women in the shower but was actually all about something else that is sometimes referred to as subliminal (suggestive) advertising.

The objects of interest were not the mannequins but rather the clothes, which were draped over the shower doors. These represented the latest fashions the store had to offer.

Store officials admitted that that the purpose of the presentation was to attract attention, which it certainly did.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought they were real women at first. It certainly caught my attention,” said one passerby.

It may pay in the long run to keep clean at all costs, but for one shop in one Chinese mall rewards come in other more lucrative formats.




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