For those women who may seek breast augmentation but would rather not undergo surgery, there is an alternative in the form of a new craze that is slapping its way silly across Thailand.

The government of Thailand is promoting the controversial technique known as “breast- slapping” which involves kneading, massaging and hitting breasts as well as the buttocks in order to firm the rear.

One beauty shop in Bangkok has been licensed to perform the non-surgical treatment and owner, Khemmikka Na Songkhla, better known as Khunying Tobnom, claims that proper application of the technique, which involves six ten-minute sessions, can be painful but effectively boost breast size by up to two inches.

Khunying has been performing this non-surgical technique for more than 20 years, and her claim is that the slapping shifts body fat from one area to another and the kneading works excess fat towards the breasts.

Government approval came after the Health Ministry of the Thai government conducted a six-month study about this procedure after one client erroneously claimed she developed breast cancer from the technique.

Results indicated that the vigorous massage did increase the size of the breasts of those women who volunteered for the study with no health-related consequences.

The Ministry not only endorsed her procedure, they even sponsored a special program urging women to learn how to slap their own breasts.

In 2003, breast slapping was officially approved as a natural alternative to plastic surgery.

At least for now, this one beautician is the only person in the world who knows the secrets of breast, face and buttock slapping, which she inherited from her grandmother.

One day when she a teenager, her grandmother saw her applying some miracle cream to her breasts in hopes that they would grow. She told her to stop wasting her time and money and rub them till it hurt.

She allowed her grandmother to slap her breasts a few times and douse them with ice-water, which resulted in a growth by 4 inches. Eventually, she mastered the techniques on her own.

Khunying is planning to reveal her technique to 10 people but at a high price. The going rate is 8-million Thai baht ($263,504) to teach the secrets of breast-slapping.

The clinic charges US $399 for six 10-minute slapping sessions.

Anyone game?





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