There’s good whiskey and there’s GOOD whiskey. One Chinese man must have found the Holy Grail of the stuff, because he dropped $79.400 as a deposit on a bottle that sells for $200,000.

Only twelve bottles of the Dalmore single malt were produced, and the bottle is a whopping 62-years old. According to the report on, the price breakdown is about $12,000 per serving.

The bottle is currently located in the Changi Aiprport in Singapore, with the man securing it via bank transfer. Another bottle was sold three months ago, but that only sold for $188,000, That guy got suckered.

Vijay Mallya, who just so happens to be the chairman of Whyte & Mackay and United Spirits, the owner of the brand, stated spending more money on a bottle of whiskey than many people make in a decade was a “good investment.” Yeah, until the bottle breaks during shipment.

Mallya went on to say that the bottle rose in value by about $157,000 over the past ten years, so in another ten, the new owner can sell it and make a profit.

It’s rare and it’s exclusive, but with such an expensive investment, you can bet it will never be consumed. In that case, what’s the point?

I’ll stick with PBR.