A monster crocodile that has been terrorizing the quiet village of Agusan in the Philippines has finally been silenced, thanks to the work of a number of villagers.

The crocodile, which checks in at 21 feet long from tip of the snout to the tip of its tail, was caught after killing one village fisherman and a water buffalo. The hunt lasted three weeks, and after several failed attempts, the villagers finally hauled it to shore using a net made of steel cables.

Mayor Edwin Elorde stated “We were very nervous about tackling this beast but it was our duty to deal with it because it was a threat to many villagers and their farm animals. When I finally saw it after its capture I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was big enough to swallow three men all at once.”

The crocodile required about 100 men to haul it up onto the shore, where it was placed by crane onto a large truck to be transported to…an eco-tourism park?

The crocodile is set to become the big attraction at a theme park in Agusan, which one can only imagine is a huge slap in the face of the family of the fisherman who was, well, eaten by the crocodile.