There are many tiny frogs in the world, some no bigger than the size of a pea, but Hu Gansheng, a Chinese computer science professor from the Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, claims to have developed, through artificial breeding, the world’s smallest specimens.

These tiny frogs are half a centimeter long and can only be seen clearly through a magnifying glass

Determined to create a new frog type, the professor crossbred several local frogs. The result was a tiny creature with leaping capabilities of more than 10 centimeters (almost 4 inches).

“Last year, I went to the suburbs and caught several types of frogs, and dedicated myself to cross-breeding them to make new frog types… This type of new frog is very small, but very active. They love sports”, said Hu.

The professor is thrilled with the results of his experimental breeding, which was all accomplished on his own time, but was hesitant to tell those he works with about it for fear they would question his devotion to the job.

Hu plans to continue breeding these tiny frogs and create a market for them as novelty pets.

Genetic tampering can have its price. Perhaps the frogs will turn out to be more powerful than expected and end up creating a miniature computer science professor?

Food for thought, no?

Check out this video showing some of the world’s tiniest frogs.




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