A woman in the city of Chongqing experienced the surprise of her life when she responded to some strange noises emanating from her living room and found herself standing face to face with a beautiful prancing peacock.

An Qiyu had been watching television in her bedroom, but the sight before her was an even more diverting spectacle.

“I went to check what the noise was and couldn’t believe it when I saw a beautiful peacock staring at me,” An said.

Where the bird came from is a mystery, but it clearly gained access to her apartment through the open living room window.

Not knowing how to care for the bird, not to mention what to do with it, she temporarily kept it in a dog cage in her bathroom.

She searched the Internet for information and discovered the peacock’s favorite food is maize. She bought some but the bird wouldn’t eat it. She was able to feed it a little bread, but the creature seems to have no appetite.

After keeping the beautiful bird for a few days, An realized that beauty may be only skin deep after all, as the creature was driving her nuts by honking like a goose every dawn and waking up. (Perhaps he was a rooster in another life?)

She has contacted the local zoo and is hoping they will soon come and give the bird a good home.

Check out the video below depicting a similar incident that took place in New York City. A peacock escaped from the Central Park Zoo and found a new home on the ledge of an apartment building!




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