No parent wants a baby born with a birth defect. It’s a terrifying prospect, so one can only imagine the fear going through the minds of Abdul Rohim and his wife Neneng, residents of Kali Paten Kampung, West Pakulonan sub district, Kelapa Dua district of Tangerang regency, when they discovered that their new-born baby was born without an anus.

The shame is overwhelming them, so when journalists arrived at their home, they hid their baby. The child showed no sign of having any defects before being born, so the birth sans anus came as a shock.

Residents of the community where the couple now lives have banded together to help the family receive free health services. They’re currently listed as residents in the area where the child was born, and thanks to multipurpose cards given to them by the administration, they should be able to receive free health care. However, according to local community unit chief Abdul Matin, the hospital didn’t have the necessary equipment and resources to perform a corrective procedure.

The baby will be taken to the Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital in Jakarta for help.