Fifty four year old Hyun Soo Kim, a South Korean town leader, goes on the record about the benefits men can receive when they sit down to pee. Kim is not the first man to pee sitting down, but he might be the only one who has it printed on his business card.

Yes, that’s right, on his business card and It reads “Hyun Soo Kim a guy who sits down to pee”. He genuinely cares about this practice and his influence doesn’t stop with his business card, as he tells everyone he meets.

Why does Kim pee sitting down? Well for the benefits of course and according to him there are many. For starters no mess!

Your pee doesn’t splash around and out of the toilet. Secondly you can save electricity because you don’t have to turn the lights on, that is if you can find the toilet. If you have the unfortunate talent of being an extremely loud urinator, and live in an apartment, your pee won’t wake the neighbors.

The final tip Kim enlightens us with is how peeing is not just wasting time “it’s like Rodin’s Thinker sculpture” you can have a nice short time to sit and think.

Kim follows the idea of peeing and sitting down after he read a book from Germany and has been practicing ever since. He’s an idealistic urinator and smiles brightly as he describes his vision. “Man sitting down and peeing can be a small thing, but it is a start to make a better world where people are thinking about the environment and your neighbors.”

The movement has started and standing is optional!


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