Dating shows are horrible, horrible things. In China, they’re horrible, horrible things that apparently feature murderers.

39-year old music teacher Liu Hao was a contestant on the Chinese dating show “Happy League” in Heilongjiang province in northeast China. Using his remarkable singing talents to win the favor of a young woman, he beat out seven other bachelors, finally swaying them with his rendition of the running man to techno music.

Unfortunately for the “lucky” woman who chose him, Liu Hao is actually (well, probably) Wu Gang, a suspected serial killer responsible for the stabbing death of a man outside a restaurant in Jilin thirteen years ago.

He was detained by police after receiving an anonymous tip from a viewer who said she recognized him as the killer. Li Ang, a police officer from the criminal investigation department of the Jilin Public Security Bureau, said the resemblance to Wu Gang was indeed similar after watching the tapes.

Currently Liu Hao is the prime suspect in the case, with Li stating that he most likely became overconfident after not being apprehended after so long.

Since the news has come out, the episode starring Liu Hao has been removed from the official website for “Happy Leage.”