In an innovative twist to traditional wedding pictures, one creative Chinese couple came up with a new and different way to express the endurance of their love.

Their unusual, special set of photographs cost them £2,000 (about US $3,800), but for them it was a vehicle for the expression of their commitment to one another and well worth the hefty cost.

The inspiration for the photos came from the words of a famous Chinese love song whose signature lyric reads: ‘The most romantic thing is growing old with you.’

The young couple, Zhang Jin, 25, and fiancée, Yao Zenni, 26, who hail from Nanjing, capital of eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, donned makeup and dyed their hair silver to render the appearance of being decades older than they really were.

“We wanted to experience the feeling of getting old together and the warmth of a lifetime of love, said Zhang.

Somehow the makeup and hair dye couldn’t complete the illusion and the young couple went even further to compete their dream set of unique wedding photos.

They hired a snow machine exclusively for the photo session that took place in local Bailuzhou Park. Even though the weather was nice, the director of the shoot helped them create the fantasy of an old couple helping each other make their way through the forest on a cold day in winter.

The loving bride turned to her husband to be during the photo-shoot and asked him if he would still love her when she grew old and unattractive. The groom assured her that she would always be beautiful in his eyes and that he probably would always be ugly in hers!

Could this be the beginning of a wedding-photo trend in China just as naked wedding pictures were all the rage a while back?

Time in this case will really tell.

In the meantime, check out this video depicting some more traditional but no less interesting Chinese wedding pictures




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