It’s a scene right out of a horror movie: A young woman is claiming that her husband of three years has been forcefully drawing blood from her arms with a syringe, putting it into a glass, and drinking it.

The 22-year old woman, who lives in the Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh, was married to Mahesh Ahirwar, an agricultural laborer in 2007 in a Shikarpura village. He started drinking her blood a few months later, claiming it made him strong. He even did it while she was pregnant, though she didn’t start protesting until after she gave birth. Any attempt at resisting would result in her husband violently attacking her.

She finally had enough and, in early July, fled with her baby to her the house of her parents. She told her sad tale to her father, who took her to the police, but the local police claimed it wasn’t in their jurisdiction. As a result, she had to return to the Hindoriya police station, which is in the area where she lived, to open up a case.

Sadly, neither they nor the previous district opened up a case against the husband. Thankfully, when the townspeople of Shikarpura learned about this injustice, they decided to help, ultimately resulting in the Hindoriya police opening up a case, stating she was physically tortured by her husband.