North Korea has always been, well, horribly terrifying, due in part to its secretive nature, diminutive dictator, and now cannibalism.

Leaked documents have apparently revealed that cannibalism, that much maligned activity made popular by a group of rugby players in the Andes, has occurred in North Korea due to an extreme shortage of food.

The report was obtained by the Caleb Mission in South Korea, which subsequently revealed that cannibalism had taken place in the secretive country. One report described a situation wherein a male guard was so hungry that he killed a colleague with an ax, ate some of him, then sold the rest described as mutton.

The document, which checks in at 791-pages, is called a “Manual for workers in law enforcement,” details 721 different criminal cases, most of which dealt with food, and five of which dealt with cannibalism. Some however have doubted the veracity of the contents in the report, though most believe it to be fact.

Robert King, U.S. special envoy on North Korean rights, led a team that revealed that the food issue wasn’t a widespread crisis, though there are significant shortages in some area of the country.

Note to self: Don’t go to North Korea. Ever.

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