Never leave young children unattended or, like 2-year old Zhang Fangyu, they might climb up to an open window and fall out.

After the young girl’s grandmother left for a moment to collect laundry on the roof of the apartment building in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, the young child climbed to an open window sill in the 10th floor apartment and fell out to the street one hundred feet below.

Thankfully, this horribly traffic event has a happy ending thanks to 31-year old Wu Juping, a passerby who happened to hear the shouts of others and leaped into action to save the child.

A mother herself, Ms. Wu kicked her heels off and ran underneath the dangling baby with arms outstretched. Despite an attempt by a man below with a ladder to save the child, she fell, landing “into” the arms of Ms. Wu.

She was quoted as saying, “It was just instinctive. I thought to myself: ‘I must stretch my arms out to her. I am right here I must get her’.Then I made it. I caught her.”

Despite some abdominal bruising, the child is ok, while Ms. Wu suffered multiple fractures in her arm. Jin Dengfeng, the president of Fuyang hospital, where the woman and child were treated, stated that since she put her own safety on the line to help this young child, her treatment will be completely free.

She is indeed a hero, and one can bet that the poor grandmother, most likely traumatized at the fact that a simple oversight almost caused the death of her granddaughter, will not make this mistake in the future.