Twenty-six Indonesian female caddies have been arrested for performing acts of prostitution with golfers at a resort in Kulai, Malaysia. Someone who worked at the usually reputable resort informed the police that the caddies were doing a lot more that just carrying the golfers’ bags.

“The women…who were between 21 and 46, usually work as caddies at the resort during the day and then prostituted themselves to golfers during the night…Four had fake work permits and the other only social visit passes.” said Mohd Nakhafi Hasan Johor, enforcement unit head.

Working as a caddy at this and other golf resorts can be fairly lucrative for these girls, as most of the golfers are affluent and generous with tips. Their nighttime activities with the same golfers, however, pays quite a bit more.

The women told authorities that a foreign agent issued their fake permits and the police are conducting an investigation into that matter and also the women who violated the Penal Code by prostituting themselves.

Being an escort seems to be a part of life, however questionable, at least in some parts of the world. If the women had solicited these men outside the golf course and agreed to meet them after their game, would that be a different kind of offense?

If you change what you call it, do you really change what it is?

Food for thought and…





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