This is one of those stories that’s so utterly bizarre you almost can’t believe it’s real. Then you realize it’s from Japan and you think, “Oh, ok.”

In Tokyo, a 55-year old man was arrested for asking elementary school girls to spit in a cup, which he would then film under the guise of research. Yes, spit. But it gets weirder.

After he was arrested, he allegedly told police that he collected the saliva samples for his own sexual gratification. Gee, who didn’t see that one coming? The man received over 125 complaints over the past six years, though the man claimed to have had this hobby for the past seventeen years, with samples coming from over 500 girls.

According to a police spokesman, the man, who is unemployed, was arrested under the Tokyo’s Nuisance Prevention Ordinance, which “bans vulgar speech or actions in public that cause unease and anxiety to other people.” Despite the fact that the girls gave consent, apparently the aspect of video taping was not agreed upon.

But was he really committing a crime? I suppose technically, no, he wasn’t, and the whole idea of it causing a nuisance is subjective at best. Does he belong behind bars? I don’t think so. Does he need therapy? Oh yes. If he’s convicted, he could face upwards of a year in prison and a fine of one million yen.

Bonus: His nickname, given to him by local kids, is “Mister Give Me Spit.”