Robots have been in our world for more than half a century years in one form or another. They are known to perform a variety of tasks including: waking, talking, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, serving food, rescuing trapped disaster victims and a myriad of other small accomplishments that get more and more intricate as the cold hand of technology progresses.

But have things gone a bit too far when a Chinese company has unveiled a sex robot that can recognize and talk with its owner?

While many will shake their heads vigorously, clearly indicating no, there is a growing trend in China and in the United States as well for sex robots, a step up from sex dolls.

The Love Sex Company is the creator of the robot, which sells for £3,000 (more than US $5,000).  Their marketing strategy is geared to affluent executives whose agendas are too full for them to find the time to meet “real” women.

The robot stands 5 feet, 5inches tall and has been constructed on a metal skeleton. The skin and muscles look real because they are made of silicon gel. The face and figure are customized to satisfy the predilections of the buyer, and advanced programming techniques permit facial recognition and the ability of the robot to speak in a variety of languages.

Even more incredible is the remote control aspects of the sex robot. It can take up different sexual positions and some body parts can even be programmed to shake!

The robot was recently exhibited at the Sex Culture Exhibition in Xi’an, capital of western China’s Shanxi Province where it drew many curious onlookers.

The bizarre fetish is also growing in America as evidenced by the video below.

One forum member joked that if it could double as a maid, he might consider buying one, but the significance of this trend is deeply disturbing, for it brings to the surface something much deeper, darker and psychologically misunderstood.




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