In an attempt to appease North-South Korean relations, the South Korean defense ministry has announced that it will order its army training units to cease using photographs of North Korea’s ruling family for target practice.

The troops have admitted to positioning the pictures of Kim Jong-il, his youngest son, and the leader’s late father in the cross hairs of a target that is often used during firing drills. No one seemed to mind or even notice until that image was widely circulated via the local press, causing consternation among authorities at a very tense period in inter-Korean relations.

The South Korean government has officially banned the practice and has accepted responsibility for the “gray areas” in the law, which previously left it up to the judgment of the individual commander to decide which images were appropriate for target practice.

Although the motive for using these images was to boost a battle spirit and sense of solidarity among the troops following the bombardment of a South Korean island last year, it is clearly not the most diplomatic approach to appeasing relations between the two Koreas.

Perhaps more generic and innocuous targets like sitting ducks and such are more in order here?



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