Ligers are huge. Like, “biggest feline in the world” huge. For the uninformed, a liger is created when a male lion and a female tiger decide to put aside their differences and spend the night together to create an unholy feline of unimaginable horror. China, not content with letting nature take its course, has drafted a dog to nurse a pair of liger cubs, one male and one female, that were born on May 13 at the Xixiakou Zoon in China’s Shangdong Province.

While the type of dog was not revealed, one can only assume it’s large enough to accommodate the hungry cubs. The mother, a Manchurian tigress, gave birth to four cubs, but sadly two of them died.According to Cong Wen, who serves as the zoo’s spokesman, the mother had been feeding the two surviving cubs, but stopped, which prompted the zoo to bring in the dog, which had recently give birth herself, to aid in the nursing.

At first the liger cubs experienced some difficulties with the surrogate nurse, but eventually learned that suckling the teat of a dog is better than, you know, dying. According to Chinese state television, there are only about twenty living ligers on the planet today, which is good. It’s only a matter of time before someone learns how to easily breed them, domesticate them, and ride them into battle.

Actually that would be pretty cool.