If you live in China and happen to be a male, consider yourself lucky. In addition to preferential treatment and a lack of a stigma associated with having lady parts, men in China will now be able to enjoy half off a second burger from McDonald’s. All those years of having a Y chromosome have finally paid off.

In a bizarre effort to celebrate the introduction of beef patties made from 100% beef, McDonald’s China is offering a 50% discount on a second burger. This offer, which is apparently available only on Wednesday’s from 5 to 8 p.m., is being touted by Cao Wen Bao, the general manager of McDonald’s China, as a response to the special treatment that is often afforded to women and children.

There are about 30 million more men than women in China, and now all of these men will no longer have to pay full price for a Big Mac. After all, haven’t they suffered enough, what with being the “chosen gender” in the Communist country of over 1.3 billion?

This promotion will expire on June 7th, giving men only two days – May 25th and June 1st – to receive a discount. Laziest. Promotion. Ever.

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