Shortly after Easter weekend, a middle-aged South Korean killed himself. This isn’t outright shocking, as suicide is fairly common, but the method through which he shuffled off this mortal coil is one for the books.

After an investigation, police in South Korea say the man, whose last name has been identified as Kim, killed himself by crucifixion. Found in an abandoned quarry in Mungyeong on May 1st, Kim had apparently gone to great lengths to ensure his death emulated the death of Jesus Christ. In addition to being nailed to a wooden cross, he was wearing only a pair of underwear and a crown of thorns atop his head. He had also apparently self-flagellated his torso, as well as stabbed his side to emulate the wound delivered by Longinus while Christ was on the cross.

The date of death was determined to be during Easter weekend, though the body was not discovered until over a week later. Police were able to determine the sequence of events through notes that were found that matched the handwriting of Kim. The notes detailed how to properly carry out a crucifixion.

According to police, the man’s religious faith helped him endure the pain he likely endured. An autopsy revealed that Kim died from a mix of bleeding from the stab wounds and suffocation, the latter of which likely due to the stabbing.

One thing that remains unclear, however, is whether or not he was given assistance. It is thought that after whipping and stabbing himself, he drilled holes in hands and slipped them through the already driven in nails. According to one source, police reenacted the scenario and determined that it was entirely possible that a man could do what Kim did without assistance.

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