The streets of all towns and cities tell their own particular story. People passing people lost in their own thoughts and headed for destinations unknown.

Where this one couple below was headed doesn’t really seem to be of any importance, as it was their journey that captured all the attention. The young woman casually strolled near Chengdu’s Kowloon Plaza with an umbrella and a blue cable leash attached to her boyfriend’s neck.

The Chinese Internet buzzed with opinions, drawing more than 1,400 comments.

Who are these two anyway? The man, named Feng, is math teacher at a senior high school who holds a pink handbag and yellow fan, which he uses to fan his girlfriend periodically as they walk along the boulevard. His girlfriend, Tang, was oblivious to onlookers as she “took him for a walk to see the outside world.”

The meaning of the interaction between the two is that she wants a Chow Chow dog, which he feels is too expensive. In lieu of buying her a dog, he is he is allowing Tang to treat him as if he were one.

Another example of “performance street art” concerns a woman found kneeling for hours at the northeast intersection of Funiu Lu and Xiezuo Lu in Zhengzhou, Henan province. The woman named Cao, refused to get up until her boyfriend forgives her for her jealousy. Onlookers questioned her sanity.

“I usually make mistakes but I let him correct me. He has beaten me several times, but as long as he does not break up with me, I do not mind. I like him,” Cao told passersby.

Eventually, the police lost their patience and in an attempt to maintain order, took her away in a police vehicle.

Did these weird street scenes coincide with a full moon?

At any rate, they both reinforce the fact that it really is a mad, mad world.

Check out this video about another kind of rather sweet street art.




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