The Orient once again transcends culinary norms with China’s introduction of an Irish staple on an American food. The victim? Good ol’ KFC, doused with…Bailey’s Irish Cream?

This unique item is part of the “Taste of Ireland” campaign being run by KFC China and involves “splashing” standard KFC chicken (according to the video) with Bailey’s Irish Cream, which is essentially dumbed down whiskey. Chicken and whiskey. Yum.

The microsite for the promotion advertises the unique blend of dead bird and booze for 9 yuan, which equates to a scant $1.38. This nets you a three-piece combo.

Yum! Brands, which is based in Louisville, KY and counts KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Wing Street, and Long John Silver’s among its properties, has expanded internationally, tweaking its famous recipes to conform to the local market. China is one of the fastest growing fast food markets in the world, and according to Brand Channel, Yum! opens a new KFC in China every 18 hours.

It’s only a matter of time before the Colonel consumes us all.

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